Britain and the Royal Family

So what is happening in Britain? The birth of a baby princess of course! More importantly what will she be called. It may be a traditional English Girls name with a number of people hoping for Alice or Charlotte. However, we will need to wait and see. So what is the history of names for Royal babies?

The names’ given to a prince or princess and any royal subject in United Kingdom can be described as a rite that carries a certain significance (which we are soon going to remark upon) and is also deemed to be sacred by the weight of its royal attributes. This cultural ritual of naming has been delegated from generation to generations. I must mention here that the names given to princes and princesses posses also a characteristic of not standing alone.

As a matter of fact, it comes with a prefix and they start being addressed by these prefixes most times, just few days after birth; with the mention of titles like “PRINCE”, “PRINCESS”, “LORD”,”LADY” and such prefixes are added before the mentioning of or writing down their first names. Some known ones in the last decade and a bit or so, just to hit blank are “Prince Michael”, (British Queen’s First Cousin) “(the late) Lady Diana” (Ex-Wife of the prince of England, Prince Charles. She is the mother of Prince Williams and Prince Henry widely known as Prince Harry) and they are expected to be addressed by their title whether they are in their casual domain or in a formal function. In fact, it is even in a formal setting or when they get married, and if it is a first born male, married, (he inherits the ducal title) he automatically attains office and that is when his names become longest and his union by marriage, causes their spouse’ children and children’s-children up till their extended relatives’ to have an addition of title to their names. Following this reason, they are now introduced by or referred to, by their “Official Designation” plus their Prefix, their First Name, their Family Name and their position in their generation… in this format (just to further buttress): “The Duke of Kent, Prince Michael, and Grand Son of King George IV”

In Britain, whence you either through birth or by proxy become a Royal “Entity”, you are automatically stripped off The Freedom of Religion. You have no right to choose a religion; you are rather subjected to carry on with the tradition of the monarchy. The religious orientation in the British Monarch System is Christianity. Emphasising on denomination at this time is ancillary because we want to endeavour to concentrate on names more than any other thing. So, arriving at this conclusion, I can tell you without an iota of doubt that first names of babies from the British Monarchy are selected from two different nomenclatures mainly, which are Christian based or Decent English names. Name like Edward, Alexandra, Arthur, Elizabeth and Philip just to mention a few.

Finally there is about a hand full or so of times when there is marriage union between and English Royalty and a foreigner, by default the foreigner begins to enjoy all the entitlement and heritage and titles of a monarch. The Duchess of Gloucester, Her Royal Majesty, Lady Brigetta Evan from Denmark who married the Duke of Gloucester is a good example that comes to mind when asked to give an example of that sort of union involving one from a British Royal Family marrying a foreigner.