Invest Time And Intelligence In Finding That Perfect Baby Name

Parents often try to choose names that express their child’s character. There are numerous factors influencing the process of ‘naming a baby’ which includes religion, origin of the name, its meaning, popularity, family trends and traditions etc. On to of all, parents are often pressurized in finding right baby names following all family drama, marital disputes and overwhelming suggestions from anyone and everyone demanding what they want your baby to be called. This frustrating, annoying and ultimately irritating scenario can be dealt with some simple rules. Check out these tips to make your newborn’s name-hunt a better experience.


  • Make all efforts to choose a name that will grow with your child, at the same time suit his/her character. In short, the label you give should define your baby in future. Imagine you name your child ‘Rusty’ and when he grows the name is going to haunt him for a life time.
  • At times there might be immense pressure to give names after grandparents or initials that implies a close relative’s name etc. Adapt yourself to handling such pressures from family and friends, but never give up your little one’s best feature to obligations.
  • Have a script ready to deal with unwanted suggestions. You could ward off these hurdles by just saying politely that you have already decided on the baby’s name. If both parents could confirm it, no one can beat it.
  • While deciding your child’s name, give equal preference to your partner’s preferences so as to maintain equilibrium. Partners could brainstorm possible options, understand expectations and choose what both find best.
  • Though you have agreed on a name, keep your options open. Newborns, though look nothing like an adult, could drop a hint of their personalities in a few days after birth.
  • Your choice of naming your child is very personal and you don’t want unnecessary influences on it. So keep your little one’s name a secret. Everyone will have some remarks or comments on any name you choose, but if you are sure the name suits your baby, that’s all it needs. Keeping secrecy could limit the remarks that might cause bitterness.
  • Always give it time and thought before you call your precious one with the name you decided. It is reasonable to wait till you understand your baby once he/she is born and shows his/her character as cute, smart, cheerful or anything that defines its character.

A child’s name will live with him/her for a lifetime. The parent’s appropriate decision and will power will reflect in a child’s name. Careful analysis and thoughtful choices could give a hassle free future to your child. It doesn’t mean you cannot call your baby by other nicknames that you prefer, but not when the child grows out of those diapers. Additionally, try avoiding names that are hard to spell or pronounce, two names that don’t go well together, names of countries, places, nature oriented names like river, leaf, rainbow etc., names with undesirable initials like P.I.G, M.A.D etc. because these could make you regret your decision as your child progresses at each stage.