Utilising your workforce

In terms of your small or medium enterprise (SME), the ability to save money on labour costs without sacrificing productivity can have a huge effect on both your main concern and your future as an organisation Consider the choice of options which would allow you to save money, obtaining the same amount of profit, without compromising on quality.

Keeping your workforce adaptable There is a movement towards zero hours contract in the UK which gives the business complete flexibility but do you get the best out of your employees? Advisers or consultants use can also help reduce the burden of overhead costs such as the full-time rate of pay and the office space, but again, what loyalty do you get.

Streamlining your office space Are you wasting your floor space and therefore are paying more than you need? In this online world, do you really require “high street” offices or could you work from a garden office or even a “basement”. Other options of course would be to consider subletting land to earn an income  until you can use it or put it to better use.